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What can we do for you?


What we can do for you.

Record, mix & master

Always wanted to record your music? Good news! Within our team we have years of experience with recording and mixing music. We'll look at what you need and what we can do for you.

Music production

How would you like to create and release your own music? Not sure where to start? We offer tailor-made projects complete with production, recordings, tips for marketing and promotion and the use of your network. Start right away!


Are you looking for a rehearsal room or maybe just some microphones? You can use our space and / or stuff for a reasonable fee. That's how we are. Click to see what we can do for you.


What we did for others.

Tamar Dajo

(I knew it) all day

Joe Sunrise

Selected works, lofi


The Northern Light Session

Johnny Chestpain

Saving bullets

Van Bezemwijk

Daarom ben ik hier

Johnny Chest Pain

"Cherokee Red"

Giel van Gaal

Achter de wolken

Van Bezemwijk



A luta continua

Giel van Gaal

Liefde te koop

Josimar Gomes


Cartes en Kleine Jay



What we're doing at the moment.

About us

Let's get acquainted.

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Cartes Selah

Production, recording and mix

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Giel van Gaal

Production, recording and mix

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Wouter Ebben


Pacha Mama Studio consists of three guys who have been involved with music since their childhood. Bound by a love for music and a better world, we started a recording studio. Our goal is to offer young and old talent a platform to develop themselves.

Bad jokes and incense included!


What can we do for you?